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In my opinion, the best idea on how to be productive is to keep a to-do list.

It is best used for short- and medium-term project. So you don’t lose track of them while doing your everyday errands.
how to be productive

How To Be Productive With A To-Do List

You daily affirm your long-term goal(s). Then over the cause of the day write down everything on your to-do list, that might come up and be useful towards the achievement of this objective.

Keep the to-do list close by your computer or on your computer’s desktop. That way you can see it every day, all day and your subconscious can go to work.

Personal note:
I’d like to write down the list on paper and to cross off a point; once I have accomplished it. It gives me a sense of fulfillment.

You will notice that you scan the list every once in a while. As long as there are still open issues, you will have a feeling of unease. It will force you to accomplish them, even if you have a habit of procrastinating.

In your mind sort the points into the ones, that you can do right now or in the near future, and those, that still need more time to evolve. Usually, the more specific a task is, the earlier you can begin to work on it. Vague tasks need to be broken down into more specific ones.

Some of the things that you wrote down might seem irrelevant after a while. Don’t be afraid to delete them, as those were just ghost lights.


If you use the to-do list, in the way described above, your productivity will soar. Instead of distracting yourself with meaningless tasks, you will work on the things that matter the most.

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