5 Daily Habits For Raising Your Vibration

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raising your vibration
Including the 5 daily habits below into your life, will help you raising your vibration and leading a happier and more satisfying life.

Your vibration is the energetic state in which your body is in.

A high vibration is mainly characterized by happiness and well-being physically and spiritually. You feel like you can conquer the world and cannot help but smile and laugh.

On the other hand, when your vibration is low you experience negative emotions, ill health, and lack of spiritual awareness.

1. Meditate

This practice is one of the best ways to clear the mind of any thoughts and reducing stress.

Make meditating a daily habit and soon enough your life will be much more enjoyable and satisfying.

Though most people think of meditation as a spiritual activity, it does not have to be.

Just sit in a position you are comfortable with (lying on your back or sitting up are the best options), relax every muscle in your body and clear your mind of all clutter.

To do this effectively, focus on your breathing; breathe normally five times and the sixth time, inhale heavily and let the air out slowly. Repeat this process several times and before you know it your whole body will be relaxed and your stresses forgotten.

You do not need to chant any mantras to have an effective meditation session.

As for how long you meditate, this is entirely up to you. You can start with a few seconds a day and make your sessions longer depending on how much free time you have.

You can make it a daily routine as the first thing you do after waking up or the last thing you do before going to bed.

As for where you can meditate, it is also entirely up to you. You can even meditate while at work when your job becomes so overwhelming.

Over time, meditation will be raising your vibration and subsequently leading to a happier and more productive life.

2. Start your day with a glass of water

Drinking water immediately, you get out of bed before even brushing your teeth has a myriad of benefits.

It boosts metabolism, flushes out toxins and rehydrates the body and brain.

Remember you have been asleep for at least six hours without taking any water. So, downing a glass or two first thing in the morning rehydrates your body cells rejuvenating them and boosting your energy.

What’s more? Drinking water in the morning has been proven to aid in curing some diseases like eye diseases, headaches, and arthritis to mention but a few.

It is no wonder the life expectancy in Japan (where they have the habit of taking water first thing in the morning) is among the highest in the world.

3. Be thankful and positive

Even when life seems to be trying so hard to make you miserable, there is always something to be thankful for.

Appreciate the small and big things alike. Honor the fact that you are alive and well, and the beautiful things nature has to offer.

Whether you are religious or not, appreciate food and drink before taking it.

A study carried out by Dr. Masaru Emoto showed that the structure of water crystals is affected by the thoughts. Positive thoughts cause them to be symmetrical while negative thoughts cause them to be deformed. Wondering what this has to do with raising your vibration?

Your body is composed of mostly water, and assuming that water is influenced by your thoughts, means that your bodies functions are impacted as well.

Make it a habit of thinking positive thoughts and focusing on the positive things in life. This will leave you feeling much better.

4. Laugh

It is said that laughter is the best medicine. This is true as nothing uplifts your moods faster than a hearty laugh.

High vibrations are associated with a good feeling and so is good health.

Make it a habit of laughing every day and doing it heartily.

If you have the time, watch a comedy movie or clips.

If you are too busy for this, try to find some humor in all situations you face.

Even in the middle of a conversation, you can find something worth laughing about.

By doing so, you will not only be raising your vibration but also that of those around you.

5. Take a break

It is okay to be busy, but we should always leave some time to relax.

In between your daily routine, find time to rest and refresh your mind.

Doing this will confer so many benefits to your life including physical and mental relaxation, inspiring creativity and helping stay alert to mention but a few.

Schedule to have breaks every few hours but do not let them be too long. 10 minutes every two hours will be raising your vibration to great heights. You can do whatever you enjoy during your break.

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