My First Astral Travel Experiences

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my first astral travel experiences
The astral travel experiences came to me while I was on a dark retreat for three weeks in India in 2013.

After about a week of meditating, fasting and listening to OM mantra chanting, my energy was all pumped up. It was unbelievable.

It started with a few minutes and increased up to several hours.

Unlike my usual dreams the first astral travel experiences were in full eye resolution and the brightest colors.

Even though I was somewhere else other than my physical body, I still had tactile feelings. However, I could not communicate with my environment as I was unable to speak.

In the beginning, I was hovering through the undergrowth of some swamp forest, bumping into and getting scratched by tree trunks and branches. It really did hurt.

Then I remember sitting in the backseat of a car, that was driving over a snowy mountain pass.

I was looking out of the right window, admiring the scenery.

The sky was as blue as it can be with only a few white clouds.

It had just snowed as the coniferous forest was all covered in white. I could see all the details of the trees and literally feel the crispness of the snow.

With repeated experiences, I had more and more control over what was happening.

Next I was a giant bird flying over some lake at an altitude of approximately 200 m.

I felt the fresh air as I was gliding and could steer in the directions I wanted to take.

I thought to myself: “Wow, I’ve always wondered what it would be like.”

In the first longer session, I was in some old version of the German city of Wiesbaden.

Mind you, up until this point I had never been there. I only realized it afterwards, because of the license plates I read.

The streets were made of cobblestone, and it must have been autumn, as it was cold and wet with drizzling rain.

I remember watching groups of people in a tavern and on the street. Leaving one of those groups after they thanked me for something I had done.

In the last experience, I was in the room of girl that was about eight years of age. She was sitting in front of a mirror combing her long brown hair.

I had for the first time a real body as I was standing behind her.

Suddenly, I realized that I was somewhere else and had no idea of how to get back. I was panicking.

For some reason, I didn’t try to leave the room. I just sat down on the floor, attempting to come up with a solution.

After what seemed like two hours, I fell through the ground and landed in my real body.

It felt very strange because I was sitting on my bum in one moment and lying on my belly in the next, somehow merging the two body experiences.

Unfortunately, the astral travel experiences did not continue after the retreat and the one in India is no longer offered.

However, dark retreats are a powerful practice, and I highly recommend it to everyone who can spare the time.

There are a few places around the world (i.e. The Hermitage in Guatemala), who still offer this unique adventure.

If you don’t have the time to sit inside a cave for weeks and still want to have astral travel experiences, you ought to check out brainwave entrainment audios.

Just like those for meditation, there are some specially designed for astral travel.

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