What It Means To Be A Man

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What it means to be a man

Gladiator (2000), Monte Christo (2002) & 300 (2006)

The following 4 points describe what it means to be a man. You might have felt them nagging in childhood, but you will only realise the depth of their truth when you come into your power as a man.

1. You are alone, always.

This point holds true, whether you are isolated, on an island, in your man cave or you are social, at a party, with family and peers or intimate with a woman.

You might indulge in various activities to get rid of that feeling, which is only you running away from your true nature.

Not only in this body as a human being, but also in the higher sense of oneness as the universe itself. You are the god that is playing all the parts. There is no one else.

Embrace that feeling of loneliness. Get grounded in it. It’s the source of your power.

2. Trust you inner-wisdom

Whatever path you take in life, when it comes to making decisions, you have an intrinsic knowing of what is the right thing to do.

Always double-check any outside information with your gut-feeling.

People will tell you all kinds of things to further their agendas, especially under the cover of good intentions. They will even make you doubt yourself.

Don’t let them. You already know who you are and what you want.

This point is the only thing my father taught me about life, and I hated him for it. Honestly, it would have spared me from a lot of pain, if I would have realized this truth early on.

3. Know where you are going

This point means not just having vague expectations about life, but specific goals and a plan to get there.

Having a sense of purpose helps you to be more present with your loved ones and in life in general.

You will know which battles to fight and when to walk away.

You might choose a temporary setback in order to gain the freedom to work on your weaknesses and learn some new skills.

You will exactly know what each part of your life contributes to the whole, overall vision.

Without it you are running in circles, going nowhere. You most likely will end up being the pawn in someone else’s game.

4. Take responsibility

You have to accept the following fact: To some extent you are the cause of everything that happened in your life, good or bad, and wherever you are right now.

This reality might be painful but offers a create opportunity.

You can change all of that.

If you want to be somewhere else, it is your job to take the corrective action and make it happen.

Nobody will do it for you.

Only by taking responsibility will you be in control.

If you give the responsibility for your happiness and success over to someone else, be it your spouse, employer, government or luck, you will be severely disappointed and miserable for the rest of your life.


Now assess yourself. Where are you on your journey?

Do you agree with what it means to be a man or are you still resisting?

Being a man is your birthright and thus, cannot be taken away.

But you have to come into your power on your own.

It is not something that can be given to you from the outside, even though certain events like initiation rituals can facilitate the transformation.

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