Whole Food Diet – The Fundamentals

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The promises of the whole food diet are enormous.

If you eat foods in their most natural state, you will feel good, look good and be healthy most of your life without any sign of civilization diseases.

Or as the German whole food proponent, Max Otto Bruker famously coined:

Your blood test results will show “normal” values,
even if you are at an age where this is anything but normal.

Fundamental Of The Whole Food Diet

Benefits Of The Whole Food Diet

Before I started with the whole food diet, I was sick. I had a cold, several times a year and daily headaches.

Even though I was in my late twenties, I still had severe acne and the beginnings of rheumatoid arthritis in both of my knees and my wrists.

Two years earlier hay fever had started to plague me. I was just looking for a way to stop the degeneration.

So the benefits I received are all the more miraculous.

Increased endurance and strength

Cauli W-Power This one seems obvious if you think about it. Put higher quality fuel in your tank and your engine, however rusty, will work a lot smoother.

You will just feel more alive.

The effect can be felt even if you don’t care about fitness, especially in moments when you suddenly change pace.

Less sick time

Immune Shield
It has become accepted, that you have a cold every once in a while, and pharmaceutical companies live off that fact.

However with the proper nutrition, you will have an improved immune reaction, where colds are a rare occurrence and even the symptoms of the flu are reduced.

Healthy Complexion

Healthy Complexion The increased overall level of health that you get from the whole food diet will emanate from you.

First of all, a healthy body does not stink.

And instead of having acne and pale white skin (if you are caucasian), your skin will be clear, and you’ll have the rosy cheeks of a child.

Pain-Free Movement

Gym and fitness
Science clearly states that rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease, in which your immune system goes bananas attacking otherwise healthy body cells.

With the immune system back to normal, your body has a chance to recover.

However, the process will take a while depending on the damage already done.

Allergy Relief

hay fever
Same can be said for allergies. Your immune system is overreacting to foreign particles that would otherwise not be an issue.

If you repair your immune system, problems like hay fever will be a distant memory.

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Basics Of The Whole Food Diet

What To Eat

Whole Grain Cerials Recipe
The diet is centered around whole grain cereals, which are said to contain a lot of nutrients, but includes a lot of other yummy foods:

  • fruits
  • vegetables
  • nuts and kernels
  • whole grain bread
  • honey
  • even eggs and meat in moderate amounts


It Is All About Nutrients

Your body needs a whole range of nutrients to orchestrate all of its physiological functions.

Some of them are required in large quantities, others in small ones (so-called micronutrients).

When you can provide all of the nutrients in the correct ratio, you will be at your healthiest.

Incidentally food items in their most natural state (i.e. raw and organic) have already the right balance of nutrients.

You also have to eat all of the food, hence the name whole food. For example, you eat an apple with peel and core.

Every processing deadens the food. That means the nutrients get unbalanced, destroying some of them.

In its high form, you have a single nutrient (i.e. refined sugar) void of all others.

So the standard Western diet leaves you malnutritioned. For a while, your body can adjust to this.

Over time, however, the lack of aliveness in your food will lead to all kind of illnesses.

There are attempts made to add missing nutrients artificially to the end products, and you can always try to increase your health by taking supplements.

Those approaches are, at least for now, only a cheap version of the real deal.

The Takeaway

Eat as fresh, as diverse and as less-processed food as possible; use steaming in preference to boiling; and avoiding overly long cooking times.

In short: Stay away from industrialized food like the plague.

My Whole Food Meal Plan

My whole food meal plan is pretty simple. Apart from lunch, I eat the same meals every day.

What I like about the whole food diet is that it takes you more time eating than preparing the meals. You are practically out of the kitchen in five minutes or less.


Whole Food Diet: Breakfast
For breakfast I eat whole grain cereals with seasonal fruits, assorted nuts, a raw organic egg, an apple and a banana.
Grocery List: Breakfast


Whole Food Diet: Lunch At lunch I take the liberty to have whatever food I crave.

Mostly I stick to the least processed food. However, it is not an obligation.

Doing this gives me a bit of variety. So I do not feel like missing out on life.


Whole Food Diet: Dinner For dinner I eat a plate full of mostly raw vegetables with sunflower and pumpkin seed topping.

Add two slices of whole grain bread with grass-fed butter, a glass of water and you are set.
Grocery List: Dinner


Whole Food Diet: Snack Whether you would like to have a 2nd breakfast at work or you are on the road travelling, getting your dose of whole foods is complicated as there are not many sources available.

I usually fill up my lunchbox the day before, while preparing dinner.

But you might also enjoy fruit&nut bars like Raw Bite or Raw Revolution.

You want more free information on how to change your life?

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