9 Benefits of Functional Movement Exercises

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I am a big fan of the Code of the Natural – Home Study Course. It is a digest of the world’s best functional movement exercises that helps you with your spiritual practice and your dating life.
Code of the Natural - Functional Movement Exercises
Originally I bought the course six years ago to be more attractive to women. But in doing the exercises daily ever since I realized a lot of the other benefits:

01Simple & Quick

First of all, the functional movement exercises can be done by anybody in as less as 15 minutes.

So it’s easy to integrate them into your daily routine and create a habit.

02Confident Posture

By retraining your nervous system, you will stop slouching and get rid of any hunchback you might have.

It’s a perfect balance for sitting at your desk all day.

03Increased Mobility

You will get the tools to pinpoint and remove any restrictions from your muscles and be able to wake up and to move without pain.

04Personal Massage Therapist

It will show you how to give yourself a professional massage with simple things you have a home or wherever you are.

05Natural Swagger

By relaxing your muscles and training them the way you are supposed to use them, you will get a noticeable animalistic walk.

06Release of past trauma and limiting beliefs

Emotional trauma and limiting beliefs affect your body and how you move.

The energy work that you do with each exercise will help you work with and overcome your sticking points.

07Opening your chakras

One Chi Gong exercise will target each of your chakras individually and allow you to open and balance them.

08Increased Mojo

increase your mojo
There are specific functional movement exercises that focus on increasing the mobility of your hip.

Incidentally, they also increase the blood flow to your “vital” organs, as you will move your body like you probably never have before.

09Be more relaxed

And last but not least, you will learn how to breathe correctly, which helps you to be more relaxed in general.

The course is expertly taught by Rob Brinded, who studied biomechanics and human movement pattern.
Rob Brinded - Code of the Natural
It is a 6-week program that condenses the wisdom of 3D Stretching, Kum Nye (a Pre-Buddhist workout), Fascial Stretching, Eldoa (a French spine lengthening technique), Kundalini Yoga, Chi Gong and Functional Strength Training.
3D stretching Kum Nye Foam Roller
You can use it not only to heal injuries and remove your restrictions, but also as a preemptive method to increase well-being and to make you more resilient or robust.

When you do injure yourself, you will know exactly, what to do.

I hurt my knee badly once while hiking and the exercises from the course helped me tremendously in the recovery. Rob Brinded even gave me personal advice for the healing process.

I highly recommend that you …
Check it out.

Since I bought the course the ownership of Code of the Natural has changed. The original home study course is still available, but I have no experience with the new programs.

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