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The tool, that had the greatest impact on my life and is still helping me grow as a person, is Holosync meditation from Centerpointe Research Institute. It is a 10 year audio program that you listen to for 1 hour each day.

You just put on the headphones, press play and the sounds will do all the work.

There are no other skills required.
        I am now about 7 years in, on Flowering Level 1, which is their 10th level. I use it every day, whether I am at home, on a business trip or traveling the world. The journey using Holosync could be described much like that of Dante in the Divine Comedy.

You find yourself lost in the woods. You meet a guide that will lead you through hell and purgatory in order to get you to the doors of heaven.

        I used to be really introverted and was terrified to even go out of the house to run some simple errands. I experienced bouts of depression and felt miserable almost the entire time. I had this negative voice in my head that constantly told me how worse-less I am. By the time I came across Holosync, I had already done some inner work on myself and was seeing some progress. But I knew more than anything else …

… I needed peace of mind.

Or better absence of thought and meditation promised to do just that. I must say that I never really tried traditional meditation. When I went online for a search, I quite immediately stumbled upon Holosync. One of those instances where “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear” and Bill Harris, Director of Centerpointe Research Institute, is an amazing teacher at that. Back in the day they offered a free sample CD and I had to wait for more than 2 weeks for the oversea shipment to arrive. When I finally tried it, my brain felt like it was getting a massage. I was hooked. Talk about meditation at the push of a button.
In my mind the biggest benefit of using Holosync is that …
… it teaches you to handle stress better.

In the beginning the email support letters, the free book “Thresholds of the Mind” and the ton of additional information, that is available on the website, help you understand stress on an intellectual level. Overtime, because there is no way of avoiding it, you get acquainted with stress and learn new ways of dealing with it. This then effects your physical, emotional and mental well-being in numerous positive ways:

A clear headspace
You can then tackle all areas of your life, be it health, career or relationships.
Greater creativity
You can make connections between everything you’ve ever heard or read.
Increased Goal setting abilities
You can work towards your dreams, without being bogged down by the usual negative mind chatter or self-sabotage.
Intense Focus
Even though you have different threads running in your head, you will be able stay on a a single one for an extended amount of time.

        According to Robert Sapolsky in Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers the stress-reponse is useful for animals to fight off life-threatening situations. It mobilizes energy and reduces non vital functions. Blood pressure increases, digestion is inhibited, growth and tissue repairs are curtailed, sexual drive decreases in both sexes, and the immune system is suppressed. Normally the stressful situations last only a few minutes. In humans stress is mostly generated by society. It can be purely mental and thus last for long time. The deferred maintanance then takes its toll on the body and leads to all kinds of chronic deseases, even faster aging.
The reduced stress-levels that Holosync produces, will help your body to work as it is supposed to:

Increased level of overall vitality
Even if you are a couch potato, it makes you want to do sport and go out.
Relief of headache
After just one session the symptoms of any type of migrane are mostly gone.
Clear skin
The bad acne, I had on my face and upper back into my late twenties, has been reduces to a few pimples now and then.
Less need for sleep
You can be productive after just 6 hours of peaceful rest. I used to sleep 10+ hours before.

        On their website, Bill Harris explains with a ton of scientific evidence, how Holosync works and why it is so effective. With the additional material, you’ll receive during the first few levels, he is really going the extra mile in customer service. 

Recent question:
“So will I get all the benefits, simply by listening to an audio track?
“YES … and no. It may be simple, but it’s definitely not easy.”

        There is one caveat. You will go through phases of upheaval from time to time in one way or the other. It is the price you have to pay in order to get the tremendous benefits. It also can make you want to quit, if you are not prepared for it.
        The experience maybe different for you, depending on your upbringing and your favorite coping mechanisms. For me it feels like being Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide. On one day your are going through the world with ease, even with a little euphoria. The future seem wide open. The next day your down on your self, in a depression, feeling like nothing will ever change.
        It usually starts with feeling of unease and a fogginess of the mind. You will become increasingly irritable, until you are in a full fledged shit-storm. Your mind will throw the most insane temper tantrum. The reason for this is mostly fighting a limiting belief or unconscious stuff bubbling to the surface. Unable to push it down again, your mind will kick and scream. But no matter what Holosync will push you through.
        I had small episodes from 5 minutes to an hour, but also a few lasting up to a month. You get used to the small ones pretty quickly, for they happen every other day.

In essence, your mind will grow like that of a baby again.

        In his book The Wonder Weeks author Frans X. Plooij explains how babies make 10 leaps forward in their mental development during the first 20 months. Each leap is preceded by turmoil and upheaval. In these “fussy phases” babies are suddenly undergoing drastic changes in their development, just like “growth spurts” on a mental level. Each big change brings the baby a new kind of perception. Some skills will be completely new, while others will be an improvement on skills acquired earlier. The new abilities are not predefined, it is more like picking a random book from a shelf. However, each leap forward will make the baby more capable and more independent.
        Several more of those leaps have been documented throughout childhood, and into the teenage years. It is even how you grow as adult. Bill Harris explains it in the accompanying the book “Threshold of the Mind”. He argues that the process of constant switching between periods of relative peace, overwhelm and breakdown is how every living organism evolves.
        Due to Holosync I had more than 20 “leaps” and over 1000 minor rearrangements over the last seven years. And although each level is different there are some common themes on what to expect:
        The first theme can be frustrating at times. If you do other work on yourself like affirmations or visualization, you can build a kind of track record in between the breakdowns. It feels like your getting somewhere and the outside world is reflecting that. After a big storm it feels like your back at zero and have to start all-over again.
        This is the difference between “horizontal growth and vertical transformation. The former is expansion at the same stage like developing new skills, adding information & knowledge and transfer from one area to another. The latter is vertical development, …

… stepping up your life to the next level, …

… to a new more integrated perspective and a higher center of gravity.”1
        The second theme is your ability to deal with specific situations, people or things that bug you. On each new level you can handle more of them with ease. This even works for your more sticky points. When they come up, your mind stops resisting and releases parts of them. This may need to happen many times before your are really over it. You will be able to go through all of your childhood traumas and rewrite them in your head.
You can change your past!

To quote Bill Harris: “Everything that does no longer serve you, will fall away.”
There are a number of other benefits to using Holosync, which help you be more successful in the world. You will …

… see the threads that weave reality,
how everything is connected and effects everything else.
… notice more and more opportunities.
Which enables you to take a multipronged approach to everything you want to achieve.
… have resilience or grit.
The ability to stay on your path, no matter what kind of adversity you are facing.

And even though “the dark gift is different for all of us”, you might also be rewarded with different “meta-physical abilities”, like…

… feeling emotions or states of people instantly.
As a result you can connect with people on a much deeper level.
… spotting lies or agendas
and the leverage to divert them to a more useful purpose.

All of those skills, are of course there right now, your mind is simply to busy to notice the subtle nuances.
Whatever the experience you will have, whatever the new skill you will you discover, one thing is almost guaranted in the end…

You will be able to do,
whatever you want do with your life!

For me that is the definition of success, to live life on my terms. Whether you choose to aquire money and status, or just life the simple life, it will come from your heart and you will be fulfilled with it.

Would this be worth the time and money, you will have to invest in yourself?

        I can only speak for myself. It is worth ten times of what they charge and you will get every single penny back in improved quality of your life. The Return-on-investment is awesome.

        I am really, really happy to have found Holosync. For I don’t dare to imagine, what it would be like, to feel as miserable as I used to for the rest of my life. And even though the ride is bumpy at times, after a while you can’t wait for the next one, because it unlocks a new skill.
Check it out yourself. You will be amazed!

1. Making the case for a developmental perspective. Susanne R. Cook-Greuter, 2004

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