How To Make Changes In Your Life, When All Else Fails

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In order overcome an issue that you seem to be stuck with forever, you first have to accept fully and welcome it. Only then will you be able to make changes in your life.

“You can never leave a place, where you have not been.” ~Nathaniel Branden

The Process of Change

You probably came here, because you have a major sticking point in your life.

You may have tried all sorts of things and techniques to get rid of the problem, but it keeps coming back to bite you in the ass.

So when all else fails, you have to go to the one place that you’ve been avoiding all the time. You have to face your fear.

Only when you give up all resistance and allow your problem to be, in all it’s ugliness, can your Higher Self make changes in your life.

After which, it will never be an issue again.

1. Know Your Sticking Point.

Know Your Sticking Point; The Matrix (1999)
It’s something about you that you don’t like, even deny it exists.

  • People can push your buttons.
  • They treat you badly and walk all over you.
  • You are unhealthy and overweight.
  • You are insecure about your sexuality.
  • You procrastinate and can not seem to get any meaningful things done.

2. What you resist, persists.

What you resist, persists; The Matrix Reloaded (2003)
You try to make changes in your life. But no matter what, you can not get rid of it.

  • Your are attracted to the same kind of people and situation over and over again.
  • You repress it, but it keeps coming back up even stronger than before.
  • You are running away from it, but it follows you everywhere.
  • You fight it and the problem multiplies.
  • You go to therapy and seminars to find a solution, but all your efforts are to no avail.

You do this until you have exhausted all your options.

So when all else fails, you have to take a more radical measure.

3. Face Your Biggest Fear.

Face Your Biggest Fear; The Matrix Revolutions(2003)
The solution is in the problem that you are avoiding.

You have to stop resisting and “become your fear”.

This may sound like giving up but is a more proactive approach. You surrender willingly and deliberately take on your enemies perspective.

Depending on the strength of your resistance, this part of the process might take a while because you have to remove several layers of resistance.

When you finally surrender, and you are your biggest fear, through and through, balls to bones. There is no going back.

Game over!?

4. Moment of Truth

How to make changes in your life; The Matrix Revolutions(2003)
At least, so it may seem. Now something else can go to work.

Your Higher Self, your truth will shine through and change you from the inside out.

Your enemy will be deleted from your system. In reality this is not a deletion, it is more like an integration of knowledge.

5. A New Dawn.

A New Dawn; The Matrix Revolutions(2003)
You are now yourself again, but free of this particular problem.

People can no longer control you with it.

You are now aware of your old habits and can effortlessly change them.

You see patterns in people, and situations and know how to avoid them before any issues arise.

Piece of Advice

If you want to make changes in your life, but are afraid to trust this process, there is one last advice to make the allowing easier. It helped me tremendously.

We have a saying in Germany, “Was Recht ist, kommt wieder.”

The essence of it is: What truly belongs to you, can never be taken away!

You might lose it on the way, be forced to sacrifice it or give it up willingly. It will always find its way back to you. ALWAYS.

My Personal Experience

Having gone through this experience myself, I can say it that is not easy, and it is not a one-day event.

Being heterosexual, my childhood experiences left me insecure and neutered.

For almost 20 years I was avoiding sexuality at all costs, which let to all kinds of misunderstandings and weird situations.

Stumbling across this piece of information, I decided to face all my questions head on. All the things that people over the years had told me what I supposedly was.

One after the other I had to take on the perspective of a homosexual and an asexual man.

Over the next year, I was slowly removing my resistance. It takes time, to allow it fully to be.

It was the most painful experience I’ve ever had to go through. Your mind will fight it to the bitter end until it surrenders.

The actual surrender is entirely peaceful. You just are.

But since it is not your real self, you will not stay there for long. After 2 hours the limiting beliefs were being erased. It felt like a windscreen wiper going through my brain.

After this, I knew something was different, but it didn’t show up right away. Over the last two years, I’ve been climbing back out of the darkness, for the first time understanding why my life was the way it was.

I am now able to untangle all the mess I’ve put myself in and to feel women in a way that I lost 20 years ago.

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