How To Cast Out Demons – A Trauma Release Exercise

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The following two techniques will show you how to cast out demons. It’s the most powerful trauma release exercise I’ve ever come across.

What are the demons and where do they come from?

All humans are possessed by demons or in other words have been traumatized by their childhood experiences.

You picked them up at home from your parents and at school from your teachers and classmates. It’s nearly impossible to reach adulthood without an infection.

Usually, you will not be aware of their existence, for they hide in your subconscious mind. But the negative effects they have on your life, in the areas that do not work for you, are all the more apparent.

There is a way to make them visible. Once they are, you can deal with them one by one.

How to cast out demons

You are plagued by two types of demons, one of them is emotional trauma and the other is mental trauma.

Each type requires a different kind of treatment.

How to deal with emotional demons

How to cast out emotional demons.
Emotional demons manifest in the front side of your body. They are the lump in your throat, the sunken heart and the sick feelings in your stomach and intestines.

It is when those feelings are the strongest, that the demons are the most vulnerable.

The next time you feel in one of that ways visualizes a Kraken attached to your skin directly over the spot of that emotion, its tentacles spreading like the feeling through your body.

To get rid of this demon, you need to draw that octopus out of you.

Imagine to pull as long as you have to for all its tentacles to leave your body. Then throw it away.

The demon will dissolve immediately because it always needs a host to live off.

To overcome all your emotional issues, you will have to do this visualization many times.

Remember: You can not force this, but rather have to deal with the demons, when they show up.

If you do enough work on yourself, the demons will be already weakened, and you might be able just to vomit them out.

How to deal with mental demons

How to cast out mental demons.
Mental demons are different beasts altogether. They are ghost-like creatures distorting the input you get from the outside world.

They manifest themselves in obsessive negative thoughts, and in the wrong people, you attract into your life.

Through the obsessive negative thoughts is how you can isolate them one at a time.

Once you have it in your awareness and realize, that it does not serve you any longer, you can let it go.

With this choice, the demon loses its power and can be cast out.

Visualize a beam of energy leaving your body through your crown chakra, taking with it all the residue of the demon from inside your head, your neck, and upper back.

With each release, you will find it easier to stand in an upright posture, as if the weight of the world has been lifted off your shoulders.

Unlike the emotional ones, you cannot throw out the mental demons. All you can do is to catch them in action and then let your higher-self deal with them.

There are however some exercises to help you jump-start the process:

Meditation creates the awareness that helps you watch your thoughts and catch the obsessive negative ones.
Letting go
You protect your mental demons by holding on to them for dear life. Practicing the art of letting go will allow you to cast them out for good.
Opening crown chakra
The crown chakra is your connection to your higher-self. It is also where the energy of the demon will leave your body. So in your spiritual practice focus on aligning all of your chakras, especially opening the crown chakra.

With practice, you might be able to cast out lesser demons intentionally.

It will feel as if your brain is yawning.

Why does it matter?

With this trauma release exercise, you will know how to cast out demons that are centuries old and can stop them from festering further.

For example, if your parents beat you, your are more than likely to beat your children as well.

This two techniques will give you the power to change your fate.

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